My web design


1 - Planning
Identifying your goal would be the first step. Identifying your target audience, website goal, identifying your brand's core message, find out if you have the content needed for me to create the website, scope definition – discussing deadlines and budget. Once the above has been discussed I'll formulate a quote.
2 - Building
The second step is where I start building the website. I'll create the wireframe, sitemap, create the website pages and navigation, implement site functionality. I'll be developing the website while keeping SEO in min, something designers tend to ignore. Once the above has been completed,  testing will begin which ranges from scanning all the meta titles and descriptions to browser compatibility and mobile responsiveness.
3 - Launch
Once we have established everything on the website is working correctly, I will set the index options to allow Google to officially crawl the website and rank it, in other words this is where we launch the site. Once the site goes live, your site will then appear on Google and users will be able to find your site in the Search Results, but this is also dependent on whether you want SEO done or not. Optimising your website will greatly increase the chances for users to organically find your website, thus bringing more traffic to your site.
4 - Maintenance
This is the last step of process. Website maintenance is vital for the long-term success and health of your website. Think of your website as responsibility, such as maintaining a house or a car – I offer a monthly fee where I will ensure the upkeep and health of your website is upheld.

In this process I will also inform you of my hourly rate I charge for implementing future changes to content on the website, or a monthly retainer fee can be discussed if many changes are likely to be made.